New Testament Gateway: Greek New Testament (Learning Greek, Fonts, Lexica, Grammars, Language, ...) ♠♠ †

(by Mark Goodacre): an excellent survey of web resources with short descriptions.

Resources for New Testament Studies and New Testament Language, Grammar, Syntax (Greek) ♠ †

(by Rodney Decker): a quite extensive list of links to several helpful on-line resources, several by the author of the page, concerning language and grammar of the New Testament. These resources both include didactic instruments and scholarly articles on specific grammatical and linguistic problems.

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway

(by Michael W. Palmer): a rather limited survey of all kinds of resources, especially on Hellenistic or Koine Greek and the language of the New Testament, including some print materials.

Learn Greek on the Web!!

(by Torrey Philemon): a nice collection of web resources compiled by an amateur, including links on classical ancient Greek, Koine Greek and Modern Greek.

A Bibliography of Ancient Greek Linguistics ♠♠

(by Michel Buijs): very extensive, divided into several categories: Clause Types, Particles, Pragmatics & Word Order, Tense/Aspect, Miscellaneous and Reference Works.

Project on the Bibliography of Tense, Verbal Aspect, Aktionsart, and Related Areas: ON GREEK ♠♠

(by Robert I. Binnick): a specialized and very extensive bibliography encompassing all phases of the Greek language (and many other languages), including New Testament and Modern Greek. You can consult the entries by date, by language of topic and by topic.

Greek Grammar and Linguistics Bibliography ♠ †

(by Rodney Decker): this bibliography, completed in 1994, focuses on New Testament Greek but does not contain the standard New Testament grammars and lexicons. It focuses rather on journal articles and lesser known books. The verb and the verbal aspect receive the largest share of attention here.

Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics

(by Michael W. Palmer): a rather selective bibliography because of the strict criteria for inclusion posited by the author: almost all the works listed here apply some form of modern linguistics to Hellenistic Greek. Works on Classical Greek have only been included where no parallel work addressing Hellenistic Greek exists.

A Bibliography of Greek Lexicons since 1750

(by Lee Roy Martin): extensive annotated bibliography focusing especially but not exclusively on Lexicons for New Testament Greek.

Greek and Latin Syntax and Stylistics: Select Bibliography of Sources in the MSU Libraries

This bibliography, offered here by the Michigan State University Libraries, is primarily intended to be of use to the student of Greek and Latin prose and verse composition. It is very selective but useful because of the comments on most of the reference works included.

Basisbibliographie zu den indogermanischen Sprachen: Griechisch

(by Johann Tischler): basic bibliography on Greek language, included in the TITUS-website (Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien).

New Testament Greek Grammar Books: a List of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced N.T. Greek Grammars and New Testament Greek Reference Books: a List of N.T. Greek Helps, Study Aids, and Lexicons

(by Corey Keating): both bibliographies are very selective lists of "Recommended Readings" for the use of the student in New Testament Greek chosen by Keating on the basis of his own experience. In view of this didactic purpose he has added useful comments to most of the items, has tried to list the books in order of importance and has marked with an asterisk the books most highly recommended for building a library of N.T. Greek resources or learning Greek.,postext,altgriechisch,a_id,1467.html?PHPSESSID=789cf6g31ago0dn89q5s16rjg4

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